A/B CRO Tests To Do In Your Ecommerce Website

Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization

For an ecommerce business, the website is a significant factor, as it is responsible for attracting the customers. Therefore, it is important for you to make it appealing so that it can get customer attention and thereby increase sales.

 One of the important strategies you can implement on your website for improving sales is conversion rate optimization (CRO). It includes some simple techniques that you can use to make your site more appealing.

When implementing CRO for ecommerce, you have to do some tests for making sure that you get the best outcome. Therefore, we are listing some of the important A/B CRO tests you should do on your website.


Typography is proven to be a major factor that can affect conversions. However, testing all the Google fonts won’t get you anywhere, instead, there are some important aspects of typography you need to try first. Serif and sans serif are two among them. Serif typefaces will be accented with different widths for each line in a character and will contain flourishes (like Times New Roman). Sans serif typefaces are plain and have a consistent width (like Arial).

Most web designers usually prefer sans serif, however, Georgia (a serif typeface) is also a popular typeface on the web. Therefore, you have to try these varieties and choose the best one that suits your website.


Choose the colors carefully on your site. Don’t use too many colors, as it can be overwhelming. It is better to go with the traditional color scheme. You can use a dark text on a light background, normally this will be black text on a white background that is commonly used by the web designers, which our eyes are accustomed too. However, when it comes to CTA buttons, you can try different colors that can match the theme of your site.

Font Size

Arial is most legible at 14px, Tahoma at 10px, Courier and Verdana at 12px. Hence, when choosing a font size for your typeface, make sure that you test the differences in click-throughs and user engagement associated with each font.

Call To Action

This is another important aspect you have to carefully choose. Call to action (CTA) buttons should be attractive so that they can easily get the attention of the customers.

Position Of CTA Buttons

Make sure that you put your buttons where they have maximum visibility. Most web designers put them in the middle of the page, and you can also use the same tactics, as it is where CTA buttons will be usually expected.

Even though these factors might look irrelevant, they can play an important role in driving traffic to your website and creating conversions. Therefore, you have to choose great care when choosing different aspects associated with each of these factors when you implement conversion rate optimization in your site.

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