Best CRO Tactics For Ecommerce Business

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can be referred to as a term that denotes the process of increasing the number of visitors to your site who take the desired action. Any activity that customers do on your site can be considered as a conversion, depending on your goals. Creating an account, signing up to an email list, downloading software, making a purchase, etc. can be considered as a conversion. But when it comes to an ecommerce site, purchasing a product is the most desired conversion.

There are a large number of strategies that ecommerce sites can use for increasing their conversion rate. As the number of online shopping sites is now rapidly increasing, you have to implement the best CRO for ecommerce to get noticed among your competitors. Hence, we list some important CRO strategies that will help you to increase conversion rate for your ecommerce business.

Create A Simple Infrastructure For Your Website

Based on the size of your company, you will have hundreds and thousands of products to sell on your site. But listing all these products on a single page is ineffective and it can cause difficulty for the customers to find a particular product from your website.

You have to create a simple infrastructure for your website so that it will be easy for your customers to navigate through it. Do not include the details of all the products on your home page, instead, concentrate on the top-selling products and the offers and discounts you provide for your users on your home page. Also, make sure to include a navigation bar at the top of the page that includes the list of different categories of the products you sell. This will make it easy for the customers to navigate through your site and find a particular product they want.

Include A Search Box

A large number of customers tend to use the search bar for directly finding the product they need and to reach that product page without a fuss. Search bar makes it easy for your customers to find the particular products they need without having to search among different categories and subcategories. In addition to this, make the add-to-cart option and check out buttons clearly visible.

Include Clear CTA Buttons

A call-to-action button is a button that your customer clicks on your site for making a conversion. Hence, it should be important to add clear CTA buttons on your site for attracting the attention of your customers. These buttons can include different options including “Add to cart”, “Purchase”, “Buy”, etc. Showing these buttons in an attractive way will increase the user experience and it will help you to increase your conversion rates.

High Light Important Items

Discounts and other offers tend to attract a large number of people to online shopping sites. Hence, you should highlight the offers you are giving so that it will be easy for your customers to know what benefits they will get by purchasing a particular product.

Customers will compare the prices given in different ecommerce sites for a particular product before they choose a site. Hence, making the offers and discounts visible to your customers will help you to attract them to your site and increase conversion rate.

Exhibit Multiple Pictures Of The Product

A customer will want to know what he/she is buying before they make the purchase. When buying from an ecommerce site, they won’t be able to inspect the product personally. Hence, it is better to give multiple images of your products on your site so that it will give a clear idea for the customers about what they are buying. Include the pictures of the products from different angles, also make it possible for the customers to zoom in on the image. Ensure that you include a high-quality image with great accuracy.

Include A Clear Product Description

A product description should be able to give a clear and complete idea about a product. The users will look for different features and characteristics of a product for knowing whether they are suitable for them. Hence, it is significant to include a clear and detailed product description. This will be greatly beneficial for you to increase conversion rate.

Offer Better Customer Service

Customers will have a lot of queries to make. Therefore, you should provide better customer service for your customers that will allow them to clarify their doubts immediately. Offer 24X7 customer service. Provide different options for them to reach you including phone, email, live chat, etc. This will ensure maximum satisfaction for your customers thereby increasing the sales.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Your customers should be able to choose a payment method that is convenient for them. Accept Visa card, Mastercard and include online payment options such as Paypal. Also, include cash-on-delivery facilities. This will help you to avoid missing out customers that occur because they cannot find the payment method that is convenient for them on your site.

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