Four Effective Ecommerce CRO Tips

Shopping Trends Of Teenagers
Shopping Trends Of Teenagers
CRO For Ecommerce
CRO For Ecommerce

Many ecommerce businesses mainly focus on the paid acquisition of customers on social media channels. Most of these businesses are forgetting that their sales can be doubled by driving more web traffic or converting more existing website visitors into purchasers. You can achieve the latter goal by increasing the conversion rate of your online store or ecommerce website.

It is unfortunate that CRO is among the most disregarded areas in ecommerce business. You should not fall into the trap of overlooking CRO for ecommerce. Instead, you should work with the following four essentials to optimize an online store.

Be Meticulous When It Comes To Data

As with any other experiment, conversion rate optimization requires data. Marketers and entrepreneurs tend to be so focused on traffic acquisition that they fail to confirm that analytics works in an effective way. For being effective, analytics should be comprehensive and accurate. To take an impactful call, first, you should gather and process sufficient data that enables making guesses on where it is possible to improve the marketing funnel.With the right tracking of customer behavior, you can start to experiment and do split testing confidently.

Fortunately, there are various tools out there for digital marketers to gather data, including the following.


Using heatmaps is the most effective way to collect qualitative data regarding user behavior, like on which areas they click, to what distance they scroll, etc. It is possible for you to get easy-to-setup and cheap applications to track the behavior on your website from numerous companies.

Google Analytics

This is among the best marketing tools available online. It has more power than you might think, especially when it comes to ecommerce tracking.

Split Testing Tools

With tools like Optimizely and Google Optimize, you can check variations of webpage components or even webpages themselves to find out what works best for users.

User Testing Tools

Using these tools, it is possible to quickly collect feedback from individuals. This gives data concerning user engagement and actions, plus lets you ask questions about individuals’ motivation for doing certain things.

Have Clear Product Positioning or Brand Positioning

Several amazing growth hacks and tools are available, but top CRO strategies are dependent on how your brand or item is positioned before the traffic you are acquiring. The best CRO strategy is to create a relationship with prospective customers. Much of this is a matter of understanding the user intent. If you know why individuals click your advertisements or visit your website, confirm to these users that they are on the right page. The best method for this is to confirm that you align your product/landing page messaging with ads or search keywords driving the maximum traffic to this webpage.

Make a Functional Website Design

That online store need not be aesthetically stunning for you to convert in a better way than the competition. Think of retail giants; their websites may lack slick design or flashy graphics, but functionally, these are remarkable. Here are some suggestions for functional web design.

Color Contrasts

The product copy of yours should be bold text published on a plain white backdrop. In other words, it should be easily readable for your audience. This also applies to every call-to-action; your “Shop Now” “Add To Cart” and other C2A buttons should appear clickable. Essentially, never run the risk of coming up with design elements users find difficult to read.


Ideally, your potential buyer should only have the option to select your add to shopping cart button on the product webpage. With more choices on the page, the more the person will think, and thus, the greater will be the risk of them having choice paralysis and leaving it.

User-Created Content

By having UCC on your website, you can increase both trust and your conversion rate. Too few companies are having such content. Rather, they are turning to lifeless factory product photos that give the shopper no sign of what it is like to own a certain item.

Webpage Speed

As per Kissmetrics, 47% of customers expect a webpage to load within 2 seconds, and most of them leave a site that takes over 3 seconds to load. Exciting A/B tests and glamorous tools can easily distract you, but a critical part of CRO is to optimize your website’s load time.

You can utilize free tools such as PageSpeed Insights to collect broad insight into what is impacting your load time with actionable recommendations.

Paid customer acquisition might be the best method to build an effective online store, but you must remember that conversion rate optimization can also make a massive impact. By acting as per the above-mentioned tips, you will make so much progress that you are almost sure to improve your business’s conversion rate.

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