Reasons For Low Conversion Rates And Methods To Fix Them

Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategies
Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategies
Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategies
Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategies

The conversion rate is the most important factor that impacts the sales of e-commerce websites, and a low number is not desirable. Most often this is rectified with conversion rate optimization strategies. This is done based on several metrics, as well as correcting the underlying causes of a low conversion rate. Also, keep in mind that a good conversion rate depends on who you ask, and the benchmarks vary widely. For example, it varies according to location, type of product(s) sold, the device used for online shopping, etc. Shared below are some of the major reasons that cause low conversion rates.

The First impression

The landing page of an e-commerce website plays an important role in the conversion rate. One of the common reasons for a low conversion rate is an unimpressive landing page because it makes it hard for visitors to find the information they need. Apart from this, it also increases the bounce rate, resulting in reduced traffic. So, this can be solved by redesigning the website, making it more navigable. This is a major CRO technique. Listed below are the three main website design elements that lead to low conversion rates.

  • Poor website navigation
  • Poor search results
  • Poor sorting and filtering

Knowing Your Customer

One of the important ways to ensure a good conversion rate is to know who your customers are. Most often, many new e-commerce websites sell products to the wrong people resulting in a low conversion rate. One of the important conversion rate optimization strategies is to identify what customers want. This is done by various methods and they are listed below.

  • Using analytics tools to identify customer behavior.
  • Paying attention to customer reviews, as well as using the help desk and surveys to collect customer information.

Finally, to improve the conversion rate it is recommended to serve targeted customer experience.

Optimizing The E-Commerce Website

If your website does not appear in the search results of search engines, it can result in a reduced conversion rate. This can be fixed by search engine optimization (SEO) of the site. It optimizes the content and webpages of your website so that people find it when searching using keywords on a search engine.

Mobile Users

Most people do online shopping through their mobile devices, and this is especially true about young people and customers in emerging economies. So, ignoring mobile users results in a lower conversion rate. Due to this, all e-commerce websites optimize their websites for mobile devices, and this is one of the most important conversion rate optimization strategies. Also, ensure that the user interface of the mobile website is easy to use with the touch-enabled devices.

There are many other conversion rate optimization strategies for e-commerce websites, and they are beyond the scope of this article. We hope that the details shared above will help in increasing the conversion rate of your e-commerce site.

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