Why an Ecommerce Company Should Use CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimisation
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Conversion Rate Optimization

The acronym CRO stands for conversion rate optimization. It refers to the process of optimizing website elements and/or pages to boost conversion rates. Now, you might be wondering “what is conversion rate?” Conversion rate mathematically expresses the details of those who have visited your website and does something, like buying, which you wanted them to do. The percentage of overall visitors who do that is known as your overall conversion rate.

Getting visitors to take that step sounds easy enough; it seems 59% of businesses think so. Having a great site is beyond just using Google-proof SEO strategies and engaging content to garner visits to it. While website visits are important, getting these is only the first step. Those who visit your website have only entered the sales funnel, but you need to induce them to convert, or take that step you want them to. Simply put, conversion rate optimization could decide whether one simply visits your website or does that and does that little extra as you had in mind.

CRO Tips for an Ecommerce Site

If you are not getting the desired results, your conversion rate will likely be below par. This is where conversion rate optimization comes in. These tips will help you get it back up, just like you want.

Attribute Expansion through Website Search

First, see your onsite search information to find what keyword combinations visitors use to reach the product pages they need. Use these keyword-related insights to see whether these can help you increase attribute opportunities to make filtering or layered navigation on category pages better. This will also improve the ease with which visitors can find what they are looking for on your website.

Reduce Form Fields

Reducing hurdles such as 20 form fields will boost conversion rate. That said, you also have to consider the context of every single form field because there will be plenty of engagement in a bigger group. We suggest doing away with as many fields as possible. Mobile users will benefit the most from this move. The fewer fields they have to complete, the likelier they are to input relevant details in your entire form.

Aim For Better-Than-Average Conversion Rate

Each industry has its own standard conversion rate; in ecommerce, it is somewhere between 1% and 2%. Rather than looking to be just average, make 20% your target.

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