4 Common CRO Mistakes to Avoid

Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategies
Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategies
CRO Strategies
CRO Strategies

Do you run an online business? If yes, it would be extremely disturbing to find any lackluster on your sales. This indicates that it is time to check your CRO strategies and make necessary changes. Needless to mention, this will be a wise way to seal better deals in the future. After all, converting your visitors to customers would be one of the challenging yet effective methods to enhance your online sales.

The most important task here is to evaluate why you are not able to convert your readers to customers. Note that there can be multiple reasons for this such as the fickle nature of humans, the complex layout of your website, not-so-appealing deals, the quality of your products, the ability of your website and products to influence the decision-making process of your visitors. Pinpointing the right season will be the key to meet your business goals.

Without any doubt, CRO is one of the most complex areas in the digital marketing field that features a range of sophisticated variables including user intent, cognitive bias, UX, friction, and many other surprising wild cards. In simple words, there is no room for mistakes when dealing with conversion rate optimization tactics. Below are some of the common mistakes that people tend to make in this case. Refer to these points and make sure to avoid them at any cost.

Overlooking the Emotional Aspect

Are you a person who tends to consider every possible aspect of sales? For instance, consider the factors such as a great website, professional layout design, well-composed and grammatically flawless website content, beautiful, bright, and a big call-to-action button that people can hardly miss it, etc. Despite paying attention to all these elements, are you not getting the conversion rate that you deserve? Then, it might be because of your ignorance towards the emotional appeal of your targeted customers. Keep in mind the following facts.

  • People tend to consider a product out of emotions or experience rather than the branding strategies or its features
  • People are likely to make a purchase based on their emotional attachment to an advertisement rather than its content and you might be able to convert them as your loyal customers. Simply put, visitors might buy a product if they find the advertisement attractive

For this, it is better to include strategies such as customer feedback videos, interviews, stories, etc. After all, people are likely to take actions based on their emotions in most cases rather than logic or facts. In fact, some studies conducted in the field claims that emotional marketing is way better than logical marketing or even combined marketing to target a wider range of potential customers.

Ignoring the Site Speed

There are mainly two reasons that emphasize the significance of site speed. First of all, Google tends to consider site speed as one of the main factors to rank a website. In simple words, if you want to have your site information at the top of the search engine, make sure that it tends to load as fast as possible. A rule of thumb is usually less than 2 seconds in this case.

Secondly, striving customers will not have the patience to wait until your site gets loaded. Hence, you are likely to lose them over time in the case of a slow-loading website and this can definitely affect your conversion rate. It is to be noted that while website speed is not the most important aspect of online sales, it is one of the significant factors for sure. So, hurry up and contact your tech team and improve the speed of your site if you find it sluggish.

Failure to Embrace the Mobile-Friendly Strategy

Nowadays, most people tend to access different websites using their smartphones rather than laptops or desktops. This explains why most web developers are now keen on designing sites that would work flawlessly on mobile phones. In fact, it is important to embrace the ‘mobile-first strategy’ these days when designing a website. Some crucial upsides associated with this modern strategy are listed below.

  • Better return of investment
  • Strategic capabilities
  • Improved information architecture
  • Fills performance gaps
  • Enhanced customer segmentation
  • Omnichannel customer experience
  • Empowered customers

Do you want more evidence to prove the significance of the mobile-first strategy? If yes, assess your analytics and you are most likely to find that the majority of traffic to your website is coming from mobile users. You are also likely to find an increase in the traffic of such visitors over time. This can surely enhance your conversion rate as well as your revenue. Additionally, make sure that your site is well-responsive so that it looks great while assessing using mobile phones, tablets, phablets, laptops, and desktops.

No KISS Principle

KISS in the field of digital marketing stands for ‘keep it simple and short’. This is one of the most important yet easily overlooked elements that every website designer, conversion optimizer, and sales executive must learn. After all, less is more at times.

KISS strategy will be perfect to meet the busy lifestyle of people these days as well. Besides, a simple and short landing page is significant to avoid people get distracted from the products and their appeal. For this, avoid having too many add-ons. Note that multiple add-ons can affect your website speed as well, especially when used on certain platforms.

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