A Helpful Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Shopping Trends Of Teenagers
Shopping Trends Of Teenagers
Helpful CRO Guide

A business involves multiple strategies, sales processes, and most importantly, skilled marketing teams that are designed in a way to drive maximum traffic to your company website. This traffic is later converted to leads that are done efficiently by the talented sales team. This is actually an experimenting stage. In other words, if the marketers failed to generate more traffic at this phase, the professionals will make modifications in their strategies to yield better results.

Note that while some marketers try to increase the traffic to their website, some professionals tend to yield more results from the existing traffic. Here comes the significance of CRO or conversion rate optimization. Below are some of the significant points that will give you a thorough idea about CRO, its importance, and the ways to achieve it.

What is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)?

Conversion rate optimization can be defined as the process of encouraging people to take action as they visit your company website. This way, one can convert the traffic into leads or customers and meet their business goals. The chances of CRO can be easily increased by making some modifications to particular elements on your webpage. In fact, many companies tend to design their webpage in a way to convert visitors to potential customers.

Besides, this type of conversion is not limited to just an element. Rather, it tends to occur all over the website including the pricing page, homepage, landing pages, and blogs. All these factors can be optimized for better conversions and this is what CRO entails. However, the effect of each element on conversion will be different and the details regarding the same are listed below.


This is the major factor of CRO that converts visitors to customers. The homepage can make a first impression on people who visit the website. Plus, it can retain those potential customers and further guide them into your company website. This can be done by highlighting links that offer a free signup, product information, or by incorporating a chatbot that welcomes questions from visitors as they browse through your website.

Pricing page

The pricing page of a website acts as a breaking or making point for many visitors. To attract maximum customers, the pricing page will show modified pricing intervals such as price per month, year, etc., and the description of the product of services associated with each pricing interval will be given with it. The phone number of a company executive as well will be displayed on the pricing page so that visitors can contact them and get a pricing quote. All these modifications are done with the help of conversion rate optimization process.


Another massive opportunity with which business websites can convert most of their traffic to leads is blogs. Using blogs, you can communicate effectively with your customers regarding your products, services, industry, etc. In addition to publishing such engaging and thoughtful content, you can convert readers to your customers using CRO. This process includes techniques such as CTA or calls-to-action, asking readers to submit their email address in exchange for their preferred industry report or e-book to learn more about their favorite topics.

Landing Pages

When it comes to landing pages, they are designed intrinsically to enable visitors to take action. For instance, consider an event landing page that can be optimized effectively using the videos of last year’s event. In this case, the video footage will encourage your present visitors to register for this year’s event. Similarly, you can optimize the landing page of a free resource by posting preview content from the same resource that will encourage a huge mass of website visitors to download it.

In short, the process of conversion rate optimization is an untapped and huge opportunity for all the marketing teams out there. Needless to mention, entrepreneurs will be surprised to see the huge impact delivered by this type of conversions created by tuning your company websites accordingly.

When is the Right Time to Think about CRO?

CRO is not the right step to take at every phase of your business. For the best results, it is recommended to think about CRO when your marketing and sales engine starts attracting a huge mass of visitors consistently. At this time, your sales team can convert this oversized traffic to customers by employing conversion strategies. Furthermore, most reputable businesses often encounter huge demand for their products and services. In such cases, you can make the most out of the opportunity by encouraging the existing customers to do more purchases as well.

Currently, the technology has developed immensely that you can easily figure out your potential customer demand by monitoring the online search volume. One of the best options, in this case, is the Global Market Finder of Google. Furthermore, you can calculate the conversion rate of your website by dividing the number of conversions generated by your website by the total number of visitors.

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