Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Ecommerce Website
Ecommerce Website
CRO For Ecommerce
CRO For Ecommerce

Most of the marketing teams of today’s world are often centered on building traffic for websites which they convert into leads for the sales of businesses. Once this process progress and starts to get results, most marketers try to generate more traffic leading to more success.

Though it would seem like oversimplification, it is often the standard marketing playbook. Most of the marketers are mainly focused to get more traffic from the existing traffic itself, which is where conversion rate optimization becomes important. There are many things you should be knowing about CRO – about how you should do and execute it.

What is CRO?

It is regarded as the process of permitting people to take action while visiting a website. An organization/business will have the chance of increasing the visitors and also converting the visitors into potential customers, mostly by modifying and designing certain elements of your page.

Most of the websites are mainly designed for converting visitors into customers of their business and these conversions can occur anywhere on the site – pricing page, homepage, landing pages, and blogs, all of which could be optimized for more conversions. The whole process of optimizing the conversions of your business is what CRO focuses on.

Here are some details on how the elements of a website can be benefited from conversion rate optimization.


Homepages are mostly regarded as the primary option for optimizing the rate of conversion of business. Along with helping to make a first impression about your business to the visitors, the homepage also helps in retaining and guiding them further into the other elements of your website. This can be done by emphasizing links to information of products, incorporating a chatbox, offering a button for a signup, etc. that can try to obtain questions from them at points of their browsing experience.

Pricing Page

The pricing page of a site can often be the making or breaking point for many visitors. Conversion rate optimization is beneficial for a pricing page to convert the visitors into customers after modifying the intervals in pricing (for example, the price per year versus price per month) along with including a phone number for visitors to reach your business to quote price.


A blog is considered as a great opportunity for conversion, especially for a business website. More than publishing good quality content about the industry you are in, blogs can be beneficial in converting visitors and readers into customers. The process usually includes incorporating calls-to-action which invites readers to know more about a particular topic by submitting their email ids.

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