Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques To Improve Conversion Rates

Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization

Some of the most used conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques follow the same steps to improve conversion rates and they are identifying an element, tweaking it, and conducting split tests to get better results. Since this is followed by many, getting the desired results to have an edge over the competitors can be quite tough and might end up being recourse intensive in terms of manhours. Shared below are some underrated CRO techniques that can give better results.

Increase Website Speed

According to many studies, website visitors expect webpages to load in less than 2 seconds, anything more than that increases the bounce rate and lowers conversion rate. A fast loading web page increases conversion rates and slower website loading does the exact opposite. So, as part of this conversion rate optimization technique, you must improve website loading speed by making use of the content delivery network (CDN), opting for a faster web hosting service and making use of browser caching, etc. This brings about a noticeable difference especially in the performance of e-commerce websites.

Specific Design For Each Webpage

Although this might seem like an obvious conversion rate optimization strategy for any type of website, many businesses ignore it. Each page must accomplish the task that is specified on its title and should not merge with other tasks. The idea is to simplify and get the message through quickly. This can significantly enhance the conversion rate resulting in increased revenues, especially for e-commerce websites. So, a webpage should singularly focus on a task and convey the message most directly.

Place The Best Content Above The Fold

Above the fold is the area on any webpage that is first observed when you land on it and this area is crucial for increasing conversion rates according to UX designers. The most important content must be placed here to promote the product and the rest placed below the fold. One of the best examples is the product pages on Amazon; they place the relevant information above the fold. So, this is one of the most important e-commerce conversion factors.

Dynamic Pop-Ups

Most of the pop-ups that you see on websites are static i.e. they talk about any specific offer and ask for your email, and in most cases people ignore it. Contradictorily, using dynamic pop-ups that are interactive will improve user engagement and increase conversion rate.

We hope that the conversion rate optimization techniques discussed above will improve the conversion rates on your website.        

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