What Features Should An Ecommerce Website Necessarily Have?

Ecommerce Website
Ecommerce Website
Ecommerce Website
Ecommerce Website

The design of an ecommerce website is a major driving force that impacts the traffic to the site and the conversion rates. If the overall website design fails to please the audience, they are less likely to show interest in shopping from you website.

In this article, we discuss some must-have features for an ecommerce website.


The last thing a user would want is a shopping website that looks too complicated and confusing. Simplicity has elegance unmatched by any other feature. The shoppers should be able to get what they want in the shortest possible time without having to follow complicated pathways to make a purchase. Visual navigate tools and auto-complete options are some techniques that can be employed to improve the ease of use of the ecommerce website.

Mobile-Friendly Website

A large percentage of users visit ecommerce websites using their phones, which means a significant percentage of online transactions are happening via mobile phones. Optimizing the website for mobile devices is important to increase sales.

With responsive website design, content intuitively adapts to the device accessing the site and offers the best user-friendly experience.

User Reviews

Shoppers take the opinions of other people who have shopped from the website seriously. Most shoppers report that the user reviews shown on the ecommerce website have an influence on their buying decision.

Some of you might think that negative reviews can give a big blow to your marketing motives. However, the opposite is true. If there are no negative reviews, users will doubt the legitimacy of the positive reviews and may choose to not buy that product.

High-Resolution Multimedia Content

Shoppers want an experience close to what they get when buying from physical stores. Hence they would want to see the multiple angles of the product. Using high resolution photos and videos of the product will help gain the confidence of the customers and make them buy the product.

Images that don’t load or take a long too long to load will fail to impress the customers and will contribute to the consumer drop-off rate. Ecommerce websites have to display multiple photos of the product that are in high resolution and optimized for page load.

To generate sales, ecommerce website has to be designed ensuring that it has all features essential for impressing the visitors to the site.

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