Shopping Trends Of Teenagers

Shopping Trends Of Teenagers
Shopping Trends Of Teenagers
Shopping Trends Of Teenagers
Shopping Trends Of Teenagers

Teenagers make an important target group for marketers and businesses as business revenues are reliant on the spending of teenagers. Finding out the shopping preferences of teenagers is not that difficult because they are active users of the internet and social media that help marketers develop a better understanding of the consumers.

According to a report submitted by an investment firm based on its semi-annual report, 70 percent of the teens prefer online shopping to shopping from physical stores. The study also found that parent contributions to teen shopping have significantly dropped, as teens are coming up with their own sources of money.

What Are The Characteristics Of Teenage Customers?

Teens are brand-conscious but not necessarily brand loyal. The opinions of friends have a significant impact on the buying behavior of teens, especially girls. Teens associate a significant level of importance to peer approval. Their shopping habits are also influenced by social media.

A 2010 report from Euro RSCG Worldwide PR has some interesting findings regarding the shopping habits of teenage girls.

  • Almost 40% of teenage girls are curious to know about the sales and offers of their favorite brands and hence sign up for email newsletters of those brands.
  • 65% of the girls said that they would share the information about their favorite brand’s sales by calling or texting. Not many use social media posts to share sales information.
  • 43% of teenage girls are influenced by the styles of their favorite celebrities.

How To Attract Teenage Customers?

Teenagers mostly prefer online shopping and the majority of them use their mobile devices to access the internet.  They also tend to remain connected to their mobile devices most of the time. While designing ecommerce websites, it should be noted that they are mobile-friendly, lest the sale of items for teenage customers may not reach the levels you expect.

Also, teens have short attention spans, especially when it comes to advertisements. They would be doing so many things at a time on the phone. If you have to keep them engaged, you will have to follow measures like asking for their feedback or giving them opportunities to express their opinions.

Because teens have relevant purchasing power, it is fully worth putting effort in attracting them to purchase from you. Teen consumers can contribute greatly to the revenue you earn from the sales.

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