Crown Royal Peach Review

One of the most popular fruits in the United States is peach. We eat peaches with a variety of food items. For the whiskey lovers who also love peaches, there is good news for you. The Crown Royal, the largest whiskey producer Canada, releases a peach flavored whiskey, Crown Royal Peach.

The Crown Royal Peach is a limited edition Peach flavored whiskey from the Crown Royal. The whiskey is infused with carefully selected fresh peaches from Georgia. The blend results in a vibrantly delicious whiskey with a sweet flavor of peaches.

Along with peaches, there is also a mix of vanilla and a touch of cinnamon spice in the Crown Royal Peach Whiskey. The demand for brown spirits in America is on a rise and this has resulted in the introduction of Crown Royal Peach whiskey into the market.

About The Company

The Crown Royal is a Canadian whiskey brand. It is the number-one selling Canadian whiskey brand in the world. The Crown Royal whiskey has a long tradition. It was specially blended to commemorate the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain in 1939.


Just like all the other products of Crown Royal, Crown Royal Peach also comes in the brand’s traditional glass-cut bottle. The description on the package says the whiskey is an extraordinary blend of the brand’s famous smooth whiskey and fresh juicy peaches from Georgia.

Crown Royal harvests its own peaches for making the Peach flavored whiskey. To preserve the bright, aromatic flavor of the peaches, they are de-stoned, pressed and strained after plucking.

Taste Of Crown Royal Peach Whisky

The Crown Royal Peach whiskey is perfect evidence that peaches and whisky pair perfectly to give a good flavor. The moment you open the bottle, you will get an aroma of fresh, juicy peaches. You won’t smell any characteristics of whiskey, just the overwhelming sweetness of liquefied peaches.

Unlike other fruit-flavored whiskeys, the Crown Royal Peach has a perfect balance of the peach and the smoothness of the liquid. The flavor of the peach is softly blended to that classic smoothness of every Crown Royal whiskey.

Many connoisseurs have the opinion that Crown Peach link to many of the other peach flavored whiskeys. But it stands apart from those whiskeys because of the perfect blend of peaches, with a mix of vanilla and a bit of cinnamon spice.

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