How To Set Up A Signal Booster For Home

The key to having the maximum cellular signals in a residential property is to set up a signal repeater properly there. Several steps are involved in the process of installing a cell phone booster for house, but every single one of these is easy to understand. The booster user manual may provide a good basis for its installation process, but we will explain it one step at a time. Proper installation will possibly enhance the coverage of your signal booster, so it would be worthwhile to do it in the following way.

Determine The Strongest Signal Area Outside

At first, find out the area outside your residence where the cellular signals are the most powerful. There are some ways to determine the strength of the signal there. You may do it with a purpose-built smartphone application or through your mobile device’s Field Test Mode.

Mount The External Antenna

Install the antenna at the spot in which you get the best cellular signal. Mount it at a maximum elevation, preferably on your roof by using a pole. When you cannot find a cellular signal antenna mounting pole, then it is OK to use a gable or fascia mount instead. The external antenna must be mounted on the structure or close to its edge. Also, you should point a directional antenna towards the closest cell site to your residence.

Connect It To The Indoor Booster

After mounting the donor antenna, use the coax cable in the signal repeater kit to connect it to the indoor booster. Some individuals run it to the attic, but others like to utilize window entry cables. Choose whatever cabling solution that suits you the most, and be sure to keep the booster in an area that is well ventilated.

Set Up The Internal Antenna

Determine the area indoors where you require maximum signals, and put the antenna on either the ceiling or the wall, according to its type. Then, run the next cable that accompanies the product to the booster. Ensure that there exists a 15-meter horizontal distance or 6-meter vertical distance between both antennae to keep oscillation from happening. Oscillation is something that causes the repeater to turn off in an automatic way.

Power It On

Is a device that supplies power to the booster box available in the kit? If yes, connect it to the booster first and then to the electrical outlet. Check to see whether the indicator on the box blinks green. If the indicator turns on, then you are good to go.

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