What Are The Best CBD Lotions On The Market In 2020?

CBD is definitely one of the best things to come out of the 21st century. The miracle drug had been in the shadows for far too long and now it has come out to the light, fortunately.  Especially in America, with the federal government officially passing the Hemp Act 2018 making hemp a legal crop like any other agricultural produce in the states, the markets have flooded with hemp suppliers and hemp derived CBD producers. This means there are plenty of choices for consumers to choose from; more the competition, higher is the quality of products that come out on the shelves. But more the number of products, more are the chances of you picking the wrong one. The special thing about CBD is that to fully enjoy the complete benefits, you must take the right quantity of CBD, that too in the right way.

The one good thing about CBD is the number of ways in which you can take it in! This also means there is a clash of opinions, on how one should properly administer CBD into the body. While some say that ingesting CBD pills and tinctures are the most effective ways, others argue that the topical arrangement is more direct and targeted. You may need to take a call on what works best for you.

How The Right CBD Lotions Works For You

The right CBD lotion or cream will target the receptors on your skin, telling your brain to slow it down and reduce the inflammation. The nerve impulses are also dulled out resulting in better pain control, which is a blessing for anyone fighting chronic pain as a result of back pain or arthritis.

Apart from this, CBD also has plenty to contribute to the field of cosmetology! You can put CBD on your acnes or problem areas on your face, and you will see the magic happen right before your eyes. Your face loses age, and your skin tightens leaving you refreshed and revitalised.

We are on the lookout for the top CBD lotions that you should keep your eyes peeled out for, the next time you step into the local CBD retail store. Chances are you will find these gems and will be completely blown over how amazingly effective these lotions does its job!

The Top CBD Lotion To Try Out This 2020!

  • Endoca- Hemp Whipped Body Butter

This family run business has had a fair share of history behind its many years of hemp cultivation. The company as it is known today is still filled with potential as it charters to conquer new markets. The reason for this brand’s popularity is solely hinged on the quality of products that it makes available to the consumers. Endoca’s hemp whipped body butter is one of the hotly sold CBD products that is a seamless mix of shea butter, hemp sativa seed oil, vitamin E, coconut oil and many other nutrient rich ingredients. Simply wash off and apply the body butter lightly over your body. You skin will be moisturised and is a life saver especially if you live in a place with dry, dusty or cold conditions. Try it on and the see the difference; if your skin could speak, it would probably say “I Love you!”

  • American Shaman Hydrating Body Lotion

This rustically designed bottle will immediately catch your attention, and so will the contents of it. A brand that has been gung-ho on creating a loving connection between its consumers and mother earth, American Shaman is one of the top CBD brands to put out high quality CBD products out there, time and time again.

Their hydrating body lotion is a one of a kind CBD lotion that has the goodness of natural oils, cocoa butters and a hint of lavender to transport you to an aromatic wonderland.

They make use of a pump style bottle that will squeeze out a sizeable dollop of the lotion to be applied at a moment’s notice the minute you see white creases running on your skin. The lotion does wonders when applied onto skin that is flaky and undernourished and you will see the natural healing ingredients working its magic!

  • Highland Pharms – The Therapy + Hemp Cream

 If you didn’t guess from the peaceful summit like logo, this CBD company is one that focuses on spreading tranquillity and serenity amongst all consumers who use it. The Therapy+ hemp cream consist of various essential oils such as rosemary and eucalyptus that make for a party of aromas that is calming and severely relaxing. But these essential oils do more than just smell good; these do great in controlling inflammation too!

The CBD oil present per ounce of the cream is around 50mg, meaning this is a potent CBD lotion that is effective and fast acting. Apart from the potent CBD percentage and the essential oils, there are other nourishing ingredients such as apricot, almond oil, mango butter and chamomile extract to help pamper your skin.

  • Healthworx Rescue Butter

This is a great product which focuses on wellness and healing, and has been noted as a strong contender among the topical CBD products in the market. Healthworx rescue butter will save your skin from all the dehydration and unkempt stress that reaches it. To the rescue are many other ingredients that include English poppy seeds, raspberry seed oil mango butter and kokum butter. What more, you can apply the lotion on the heels of your feet to help heal cracks or shoe bites.

The selling point of this product is how it is completely vegan, gluten free and paraben-free; a whole rounded natural product. The lab reports pertaining to the product are also accessible on their website, which further goes to prove their credibility and transparency. A great product for all your cosmetology needs!

  • Elixinol Topical CBD Hemp Balm

The minute CBD products have parabens or alcohol base, then it will end up harming your skin in the long run. The alcohol for example will absorb the moisture on the skin, leaving it dry and prone to oiliness. Elixinol’s topical CBD hemp Balm is the one-stop solution for helping banish, dry and damaged skin! The full-spectrum CBD extract plus the various essential oils and plant-based butters in the mix help Elixinol’s topical CBD hemp balm to be a perfect companion for your skin.

The CBD content in the balm is about 125mg which is lab tested to prove its potency and quality. Impurities are dialled to a low and the Elixinol brings to you a product that you can wholeheartedly trust.

You can make daily use of this CBD product to get the best out of it!

  • Sol CBD- Nourishing Formula Cream

Sol CBD is one of those companies that place value and quality over price. You will find this especially true for Sol CBD’s Nourishing formula cream. The 30mL bottle will carry a potent  CBD formula that is aimed at bringing back the health in your skin! The mix of various other cannabinoids also act as booster to further enhance the effectiveness of the lotion. There are essential oils and botanical herb extract of ylang-ylang and lavender to further hit in the home run.

The CBD is obtained from organically home-grown hemp. They don’t have the listing of the various potencies of ingredients in the bottle, but they give the option for a 60-day money back guarantee if you feel that Sol CBD isn’t cut out for you.

  • Sagely Naturals-CBD tranquillity Cream

If you are looking for a lotion that is light and feels soothing and relaxing to the skin, then look no further as Sagely Natural’s CBD tranquillity Cream is the perfect product for you! The easy-to-use pump action bottle will squirt out a healthy drop of the 50mg CBD blend with essential oils, the likes of bergamot and lavender.

The product is one that balances price and quality perfectly, as the full-spectrum CBD extracted product is affordable and effective enough for it to be used for daily skin care.

The customer service is also at par with their excellent product quality. You can get in touch with their team to ask any question and they will get back to you with a ready solution!

This is just one of the several topical products that Sagely Naturals make, and you should definitely explore more. If you are planning to make an entry into their line of products, then it is suggested that you try out the tranquillity cream.

  • Hemplucid- CBD Body Lotion

The minute you set eyes on the packaging, you will know that you are in for an exciting ride. The rich body lotion cream combines all the goodness of CBD as well as the revitalising touch of aloe vera and moisturising effect of cocoa butter, to make a perfect product for your damaged skin.

Not only does it do its job well, but smells good doing so as well. The refreshing aroma of cinnamon fusion and blood orange will do more than plenty to fill your nostrils with freshness but will also alleviate stress.

It is also the perfect product to use in the case of inflammations on the skin. The cost of the product is a tad higher than the rest but be assured that it does everything it promises to justify that cost!

The Final Note

These are some of the best topical creams and lotions that you can lay your hands on. But be sure to explore and conduct your own researches of the products, because at the end of the day you will be the one using and benefiting from it; so why not choose one you thoroughly enjoy?

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